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Our products open the door to infinite possibilities of meals and appetizers to share, with simplicity.

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We distinguish each part of the salmon fillet because they each have their particularity.

A history of tradition and flavour



La Boucanerie is the term my grandfather would use to talk about his smokehouse. He lived in Baie Trinité, a beautiful village in Quebec’s Côte Nord bordered by the St. Lawrence River. Rivière Trinité, a salmon river, ran right in front of the family home. In 2004 in Baie Trinité, we had the privilege of learning how to smoke salmon according to the traditional method alongside my uncle Ti-Georges. He had learned it from my grandfather Henri Tremblay himself. We really felt that he was proud to pass on this family knowledge. He did so with all his passion as well as a touch of his personal humor.”


The recipe dates back 3 generations and the smoking method, with La Boucanerie d’Henri’s authentic maple wood fire, gives a perfect smokey balance of sweet and savory. The meticulous cooking process guarantees a smoked salmon that is cooked and pink all the way through with a soft texture that melts in your mouth.


La Boucanerie d’Henri has set itself the mission of offering exceptional hot smoked salmon and salmon jerky with a distinguished taste and freshness as well as a unique texture.


The company wants to position itself as a choice supplier by combining technology, the richness of a traditional process, and personalized customer service for individuals, restaurant owners and retailers from the province of Quebec.



  • Tradition and pleasures of the table
  • Quality and freshness
  • Good service and authenticity
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